How to build a sustainable wardrobe.

Figuring out what to wear, and how often can be a daunting task for most. But what if it became second nature? As a stylist, I'm here to show you how, and offer five simple steps towards achieving your sustainable style goals.

Step 1: Identify your wardrobe essentials or classics

The most practical, and impactful place to begin is to open that wardrobe of yours and peer into its mirky ( possibly dusty) depths. From here, identify your wardrobe essentials or classics, such as TSW's go to hemp classic tee. These are the garments you turn to weekly, the tops and bottoms that you find yourself pairing and wearing on the reg. Note, your classics don't have to be bland, allow yourself to be as bold as you like. If being bold is not your thing, no stress, a well cut black pant, or denim jean works wonders too.

Step 2: Spend time with your wardrobe. 

Mix and match your tops and bottoms with your chosen classics. Get busy trying on, play, experiment and spend time with your clothes. Ask yourself what is working and what isn't. This well spent time will open your eyes to the possibilities of what you can wear, and assist you in enjoying the ritual of dressing for the day. Photograph the process for later reference, and organise the top ten matches to sit side by side. Note, your classics should be providing you with 3+ looks to style.
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In my travels, I've found many individuals don't assess the wearability of the garments they buy. And it's simply because they are unsure of what is sitting at home. Hence why spending time with your wardrobe, every season or life transition is key to building healthy style habits. If you find yourself not enjoying this process, feeling lost or bereft of inspiration, please get in touch. I am here to help and guide you to make sustainable choices.

Step 3: Any gaps, or items you wish to re-home?

Not spending time with you wardrobe naturally leads you to buying items you either: don't need, struggle to style, regret.
Yet, you will find, after step 1 and 2 that the gaps in your wardrobe are easy to identify. And with that, you will be certain of the garments that aren't for you. Note down the gaps, and slowly ( and thoughtfully) assess your options. The golden rule is to only invest in a garment if you see it has 30+ wears potential!! Prior to donating your clothes, offer them to friends or sell them to a good home. Ebay, Gumtree and Facebook market place or even your local market should be your first point of call. 

Step 4: Shop mindfully and invest in timeless fashion

The fashion trend cycle is constantly changing, and urging you to buy garments that have a short term life, so you buy more, but don't feel overwhelmed or the need to keep up. Rather, choose to invest in timeless pieces that will hold relevance for at least 1-2 years time. The perks? Originality, confidence, comfort, less stress and more time and money to spend on fulfilling things. Like time with loved ones, being in nature and looking damn fine in your 30+ wear blazer.

Step 5: Wear with pride.

Clothes are living stories, a source of comfort and connection. Let them be. Set your own trends, lessen your foot print, know who made your clothes and support the brands who are treating people and planet ethically.
Go forth!!
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Aleysha Campbell curates and founded The Sustainable Wardrobe, and has a background of 7 years experience in fashion, personal and celebrity styling.

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