Knitwear Care Rituals

Caring for your knitwear and woollens in a mindful manner is key for long lasting and sustainable wear. All the tricks you need below as beautifully shared and illustrated by Anna from Francie, our go to nice knits.


1. Gently Clean (or don’t).

Often, simply airing out your knitwear is all it needs. However if it is actually dirty, keep it gentle. Fill a bucket with luke warm water and gentle wool wash detergent, and swirl your piece around gently. Leave it for a few minutes before repeating the process with just luke warm water. If you have a good machine, spin out the excess water on a delicate spin cycle, or alternatively roll in a towel. Then put into shape and allow it to dry on a flat surface. Never be tempted to scrub, wring, or bleach natural fiber knitwear; or it will felt and shrink. 

2. Store with care.

Store your knits folded if you can, and never hang heavier pieces or they will stretch. Moths don’t like fragrance: cedar balls and bay leaves are great natural deterrents for these pesky critters.

3. Make do and mend.

If your favourite knit does get worn at the elbows, damaged, or attacked by moths, fear not! It can be darned and repaired. Often knitwear companies supply spare buttons and yarn with the tag: make sure to keep them for times like this. Don’t feel like sewing is your strength? Try some visible mending with a contrasting thread: sometimes the ‘worse’ the stitching the better it looks. Try looking up boro and sashiko online for some amazing Japanese mending inspiration. 

Thank you Anna, for artfully sharing these practical insights.

About Francie

Our jumpers and cardigans are carefully designed to be knitted all in one piece on one of the last knit machines in Melbourne. This means minimal waste, minimal labour, and no uncomfortable seams.

We work with talented people locally in Melbourne, Australia to knit our pieces, help us finish the ends, sew on the buttons, and even the labels. Our workers are treated like family, and our Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation is now pending.

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