The Sustainable Wardrobe brings together independent ethical and sustainable brands including ready-to-wear, fine jewellery and home, beauty and lifestyle products that share a prospect for a equitable and sustainable future.

In creating a travelling pop-up experience, The Sustainable Wardrobe reimagines how consumers shop and engage with brands. With an aim to educate and inspire, the store's brick-an-mortar presence, encourages the wearer to connect with designers and craftsmanship.

At its heart The Sustainable Wardrobe reveals a purpose steeped in collaboration, community and inclusivity. With a collaborative voice, the store hopes to create a community of people who are devoted to changing how we possess and value fashion.

The continued learning of consumers is of particular interest to founder Aleysha Campbell, who brings her background as a stylist to advocate for a holistic approach to building a loved and lasting wardrobe. In creating an inclusive space for the meaningful exchange of ideas, The Sustainable Wardrobe, hopes to foster a community of people who are committed to integrating sustainable practises into their day-to-day lives.

This summer, the travelling pop-up experience will incorporate beauty, home and lifestyle brands with a focus on encouraging consumers to build more sustainable lives, and wardrobes.



For further details or to say hello: enquiries@thesustainablewardrobe.com