Story & Principles


T.S.W. is an independent brand collective with a commitment to providing a meaningful & informative shopping experience. One honouring the true value of our clothes, the people who craft them and our environment.


T.S.W.'s collective aim is to pursue an open conversation with our customer that speaks to the true stories clothes and wardrobes hold. With a purpose to inspire and educate you, the wearer, to be well informed, empowered and considered with your choices. Our wardrobe and collections are guided by the following principles:



responsible business

sustainable & eco friendly materials

ethical trading


timeless design

inclusive sizing

profit for purpose

zero waste 

eco-friendly practices



T.S.W. hopes to inspire you to be guided by the principles within.

Let’s build a sustainable wardrobe together.


| Our Founder's Story |


T.S.W. founder and fashion stylist, Aleysha Campbell, saw the need for a curated retail platform showcasing independent brands and their principles without compromising on style. 


'I wished to create an artful shopping experience that elevated designers and brands I admired. A place capturing a meaningful and well-informed exchange. Where the stories and principles behind the designs were showcased clearly and proudly. From the beginning, I displayed garments with space around them, floating from timber rails, exhibited like art pieces and living stories. It was warming to hear visitors remark on the calm and thoughtfulness embedded in the experience. That they felt clear headed and a willingness to stay, inspired to take time, converse and truly be invested in their purchases. When I see the light in a customer's eyes after revealing the story behind the piece they've been attracted to, that's when I feel there is hope for a sustainable future for fashion.'


Aleysha has worked as a fashion, personal and celebrity stylist for 7 years  with experience in wardrobe curation, editorial concepts, red carpet and events. Over this period, the fashion industry she loved moved to supporting international and big name brands who paved the way for quantity over quality. This inspired her to redirect her influence, and create a platform to showcase the lesser known designers pioneering a sustainable and ethical future for fashion. Now two years on, T.S.W. has grown to be a community of sustainable voices.


Join us: @sustainablewardrobesydney